Welcome to RTU Paper.

Presenting this blog for you to raise your voice as a student, as a faculty or as a corporate one.

Raise Your Voice

By this blog you will be notified for the new paper releases and updates. With this blog we are moving ahead in raising your voice a bit louder. Send us your complaints, suggestions, confessions & all that you want to tell and let others know.


Students always have a fear to loose their marks if they raise their voice against their institute. With this blog you can raise your voice without revealing your identity.

Every year thousands of students are recruited by companies through campus placements, but are these placements really honest or just for college benefit. Companies usually found to change the role or profile of students after recruitment or they fire the students when the joining comes of delays joining. Tell us all these things and we will post it here as well as on social mdia.

Raise your voice to let others know what you face and what others can face too. Share with us and we will share with world.
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